Commercial Chinese Communication

Commercial Chinese Communication

Paperback “Reducing the Contract Amount” by Polina Shinkina

“Reducing the Contract Amount” is a one-topic textbook from the series of the textbooks related to discussion of different aspects … More

汉字分解。 Decomposition of the Chinese Character  饱  bǎo  ‘full’     

钅  jīn gold, 丿  piě slash, 一  yī one, 二  èr two, 包  bāo wrap, 勹  bāo wrap, 丿  piě … More

“Open the Door to Chinese Book 1” by Polina Shinkina – Second Edition

The second edition of the ‘Open the Door to Chinese Book 1’ by Polina Shinkina provides updates in some exercises … More

汉字分解。 Decomposition of the Chinese Character  开  kāi  ‘open’  

一  yī  one, 廾  gǒng  two hands, 一  yī  one, 丿  piě  slash, 丨  gǔn  line,   一廾一丿丨   Tags: … More

“Supersonic Price Chinese Book 1” by Polina Shinkina

The brilliant five units in Supersonic Price Chinese Book 1 by Polina Shinkina fully reflect the progressive approach on how … More

“Trading Email Writing for Beginners” by Polina Shinkina

The five standard emails provided in this textbook are written in full compliance with the modern Chinese email correspondence specific … More